The photographer Matthew James Turner was born and raised near the famed Lake District, UK, and his devotion to photography inherently stemmed from these majestic surroundings.  Initially a keen hiker accompanied by his father and 2 Border Terriers, over time his growing affection for this timeless landscape evolved into a profound and more meaningful bond.  It was this connection that ultimately led him to emulate the world through his camera.

M J's work is sometimes captured in familiar places, and at other times in lesser known locales. Beginning in the Lake District, his drive for adventure has since seen him explore many places around the UK as well as overseas. The love of what he sees before him is reflected through the exquisite presentation of his wonderfully crafted natural portraits, that flow gently like the rivers and hills which he embraces.

M J uses images to communicate a very personal message to the viewer.  His gifted eye for natural and architectural beauty enables him to convey emotion through every pixel of his work.  Each image represents a photographic nature trail of escapism, and with every picture he hopes to share with you his vision....... 


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