About M J Turner

Having been born and raised near the famed Lake District in Cumbria, UK, the photographer Matthew James Turner gained a strong affinity with the outdoors and the scenery surrounding him from a young age.  

Initially a keen hiker in the Lake District accompanied by his father and 2 Border Terriers, over time his growing affection for this timeless landscape evolved into a profound and meaningful bond.  The mountains and countryside became a welcome retreat from the constant routine and stresses of everyday life. To some, the rugged fells are simply hills and rocks; yet to M J they are considered close companions.

It was this understanding and connection with his stomping ground that ultimately triggered him to emulate the world through his camera.  M J uses images that are vast in scope to communicate a very personal message to the viewer. Every image represents a photographic nature trail of escapism, and with every picture he hopes to share with you his vision. 

His landscape photography is ultimately driven by an understanding of an area’s character.  The love of what he sees before him is reflected through the exquisite presentation of his wonderfully crafted natural portraits, that flow gently like the rivers and hills which he embraces. 

A never-ending drive for adventure and exploration has led him to seek to photograph the world from a truly unique perspective, with a focus mainly on landscapes. His landscape photography is sometimes captured in familiar places, and at other times in lesser-known locales. Beginning in the Lake District, his passion has since seen him travel to many places around the UK as well as overseas, where he has also developed a fondness for Iceland in particular.

Above all things, landscape photography is about capturing the mysterious energy of the natural world. M J Turner's portraits of the natural world are captured with a singular love and care, a true appreciation of the living world; it is this understanding of the landscape which makes his work so unique and speaks of adventures yet to be had.   


"MJ Turner is an extraordinarily gifted photographer from whose sensitive vision spring such captures of magnificence that speak of genius. So many times one of his beautiful landscapes have truly lifted my heart and soul. MJ's talent and intelligence ensure that natural beauty is crystallised by his lens."
Stephen B Whatley, Artist, London, UK 


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