The photographer Matthew James Turner was born in 1989 and raised in the historic City of Carlisle; only a stone's throw away from the famed Lake District National Park.  It was this world-renowned scenery that undoubtedly established his love for the outdoors and subsequently a serious passion for photography. 

Over the years, M J has illustrated this particular national park through a vast series of photographic portraits, providing an insight into the immensity of this epic landscape. To some, the rugged fells of the Lake District are simply hills and rocks; yet in the work of M J Turner their forms become elegant and graceful, swathed in rich yet delicate light that draws the eye to details and speaks of adventures yet to be had. 

Starting out as a hobby, his photography naturally evolved from taking pictures as souvenirs of his early fell-walking days; mainly as a keepsake on the summit of every Wainwright summit which he completed by the age of 16.  His growing affection for this timeless scenery eventually evolved into a profound and more meaningful connection, and it was this affinity that ultimately led him to emulate the landscape through his camera. 

Having being almost completely self taught, resulting from a mixture of persistence and trial & error, his photography journey has certainly  been a long one.  From his roots of landscape imagery, he has since gone on to experiment and master his skill with urban, wildlife and even astronomy photography. 

Sometimes captured in familiar places, and at other times in lesser known locales, a drive for adventure and exploration has led him to seek to photograph the world from a truly unique perspective.  For MJT, much of the excitement is in the planning and discovery of new subjects, not just capturing the image itself.

Describing the main ingredients of his style in an interview with writer/photographer Nick Smith for Issue 282 of Outdoor Photography Magazine , MJT details: "I like to keep it moody while making people feel as though they want to visit these places, so that they can stand in my shoes as I take the photograph".

He also details photographers such as Derry Brabbs & Bill Birkett as his first main inspirations, not only in terms of photography, but also for giving him the confidence to go out exploring and venture off the beaten track.

"M J Turner is an extraordinarily gifted photographer from whose sensitive vision spring such captures of magnificence that speak of genius. So many times one of his beautiful landscapes have truly lifted my heart and soul. M J's talent and intelligence ensure that natural beauty is crystallised by his lens."

Stephen B Whatley - Expressionist Artist, UK

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